Prem Shankar Jha

Crouching Dragon (2010)


The rise of the world’s two most populated countries, India and China, is shifting global attention from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger, analyzes the Indian and Chinese economic and political systems with any eye to assessing the future development course of these two giants.

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Managed Chaos: The Fragility Of The Chinese Miracle (2009)


The book reads into the Chinese politics and economy and the disparate status and position of the two domains. On one hand, its economy has sustained a near 10 per cent growth rate for 30 years, while, on the other, trapped in an incomplete transition from a totalitarian to a democratic market economy, politically the country is still considered a fragile state. This book helps the reader resolve this incongruity through its inference.

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The Twilight Of The Nation State: Globalisation, Chaos And War (2006)


This groundbreaking book offers an in-depth historical perspective on the rise of capitalism, written by one of the leading scholars of the Global South. Arguing that globalisation is generally poorly understood, Jha offers a new synthesis of political and economic theory that sheds light on the consequences of rapid industrialisation worldwide. Writing from outside the usual Western perspective, the book challenges many of the usual preconceptions about the impact of globalisation. Jha argues that capitalism has developed in four major stages. With a foreword by Eric Hobsbawm, the book provides a detailed history of the rise of capitalism from its early days through the industrial revolution until today. Examining the role of the nation state, this book presents a truly unique perspective on globalisation that will be of interest to all students of economic theory and international relations.

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The Twilight of the Nation State (Globalisation, Chaos and War)

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